Bi-O Agritech AS

Bi-O is aiming to contribute to food and other useful products based on the best in traditions that are often described as “organic” or “organic”, but also financially sustainable. There is great potential in further developing and systematizing such systems, so that they become less labor-intensive, and without using either fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides. The key word is the optimal use of technology, especially ICT, and not least the use of automation.

Bi-O Agritech AS was established at the transition to 2022 as Bi-Os’ investment in this. We are currently working on an information system for overview and exchange of biological material, as the start of a complete system for the entire logistics from the seed warehouse, via cultivation planning and up to harvesting, storage and delivery to the customer.

Our vision is to contribute to the growth of advanced companies that produce high-quality raw materials locally, preferably in smaller units, but with high intensity and smart use of water, industry, energy and labor. Such cultivation systems span a wide range, from forest gardens / food forests to precision agriculture and micro-cultivation, but common to them all is that they need good information systems for information about species, varieties, time planning of area and work effort, logging, logistics and finances.